Official Press Release- March 11, 2011


Summer 2011 will bring a new way to play VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ in the form of a card game coming from SUPERHUMAN GAMES. The card game will utilize characters from the official VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ Universe through an exclusive licensing arrangement from MONKEY HOUSE GAMES. This follows the February 2011 release from ZENITH COMICS, which brought the first official licensing of the VILLAINS & VIGILANTES™ game system.

“Of the numerous projects presented to MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™ since our revival of VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ one of the most unexpected surprises was this amazing card game created by BEN SWAINBANK We think V&V™ players are going to love it.” said JACK HERMAN, co-founder of MONKEY HOUSE GAMES.  “This card game will draw upon the Crusaders, the Crushers, Shatterman, Condor, the Indestructibles and all of the original characters from the VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES Universe. Through our licensing agreement with Superhuman Games, new characters in the V&V Universe will also be available as MONKEY HOUSE GAMES continues to publish new V&V™ material. So as the role-playing game setting continues to evolve and grow so will the card game.”

“This is very exciting.” said BEN SWAINBANK, founder of SUPERHUMAN GAMES. “I’ve been a fan of VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ since it’s creation. JACK HERMAN and JEFF DEE have created a great cast of characters and a vibrant world. In the card game I have tried to capture the comic-book experience, translate the classic, fun, truly heroic tone, and deliver that as a fast-paced strategy game with the V&V™ superhero style. It is really a blast to be working with the VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES Universe. I’m looking forward to giving players and fans of these iconic heroes and sinister supervillains the opportunity to experience their adventures in whole new way.”

You can visit SUPERHUMAN GAMES online at: www.superhumangames.com

For further information, please visit www.monkeyhousegames.com orwww.villainsandvigilantes.com

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VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is a trademark of MONKEY HOUSE GAMES. VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is the classic tabletop superhero role-playing game created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman. MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™ is the game company created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman for the release of all material relating to the VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ Universe, and is the exclusive source for officially authorized VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ role-playing game material.