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Ready for Action!

We are pleased to announce that layout and art production is complete for the for the first wave of products for the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game. Now comes the fun part. Actually, seeing such a great team of artists do such dazzling depictions of the classic V&V heroes and villains has been a lot …

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Artist Profile: DT Butchino

Drawing since he could hold a pencil, DT Butchino has always been a fan of comic books and, by extension, superhero role-playing games.  Encountering Villains & Vigilantes for the first time while a freshman in high school, he’s always had a soft spot for many of the characters that were created for the game and …

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Artist Profile: Tom Duncan

Tom Duncan earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Western Michigan University in 1995. An oil painter by emphasis, he also works in pencil, ink, watercolor, and dabbles in digital art. An avid gamer from an early age, he has not only played a variety of RPG and CCG titles, but has also designed …

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Artist Profile: Tod Allen Smith

Tod was the first artist to contribute the V&V Card Game. He illustrated the Superhuman Games splash image with it’s rogues gallery of V&V all-stars, and his work is slated to appear on a number of cards as well.

Artist Profile: Gregory Scott James

Gregory Scott James is an East Texas artist with twenty-three years of experience mostly working as a ‘filler artist’ for various small press publications. Though a Texas native, he has traveled extensively. As the son of a marine sergeant and a nurse, a large portion of his life has been spent visiting various far away …

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Artist Profile: Dexter Saulisbury

Dexter Saulisbury is an artist from Orange County, California. He is largely self-taught and draws inspiration from comic books- especially the work of David Finch and his own imagination.

Card Art Preview

Here is a preview of a few pieces that will appear on cards in the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game.