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Terror From the Shadows

How do you fight a shadow? How can you stop the darkness? The high-flying Condor and the indestructible Shatterman face a foe unlike any other when they face the deadly Shadowjack. Condor’s high-tech flight suit gives him superhuman strength. Shatterman can deflect bullets and project powerful blasts of energy. They’ll need more than power and …

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Day of Reckoning

Manta-Man fights for justice in the air, under the seas, and on the land. He leads the Crusaders, a group of costumed adventurers whose heroic exploits have made them among of the most famous superheroes on Earth. Fighting by his side is a former CIA assassin who uses his high tech weapons and powerful force …

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Ready for Action!

We are pleased to announce that layout and art production is complete for the for the first wave of products for the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game. Now comes the fun part. Actually, seeing such a great team of artists do such dazzling depictions of the classic V&V heroes and villains has been a lot …

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