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Villains and Vigilantes Card Game Base Set

The Villains and Vigilantes Card Game brings you a thrilling comic book experience in a customizable, strategy card game. Experience all new adventures with characters from the classic, superheroic RPG. You control supervillains who skulk about the city pursuing their mad schemes and lying wait in ambush or the superheroes who head out on patrol …

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Day of Reckoning

Manta-Man fights for justice in the air, under the seas, and on the land. He leads the Crusaders, a group of costumed adventurers whose heroic exploits have made them among of the most famous superheroes on Earth. Fighting by his side is a former CIA assassin who uses his high tech weapons and powerful force …

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Artist Profile: Dexter Saulisbury

Dexter Saulisbury is an artist from Orange County, California. He is largely self-taught and draws inspiration from comic books- especially the work of David Finch and his own imagination.